Moores Mill Intermediate School

Communicate Character
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About MMIS

Moores Mill Intermediate School

Founded 2014

Fourth through Sixth Grade

Serving students from the Hazel Green and Meridianville Communities

At Moores Mill Intermediate School we strive for academic excellence. In reaching for excellence in all things, we teach the joy of learning, which sets the stage for a lifetime of educational experiences. The curriculum at Moores Mill Intermediate School is progressive. Standards challenge the most gifted students to reach and maintain a high level of achievement. We believe that education is more than assimilating facts. We also believe that children learn more when they enjoy what they are learning. Moores Mill Intermediate School provides a supportive environment and a child-centered educational structure. Great attention is given to the development of individual talents. Our goal, in promoting academic excellence, is to channel our students to be aware, responsible, productive citizens with solid values and a positive self-image.




Moores Mill Intermediate School offers a happy and safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence and produces lifelong learners who monitor their own personal growth. As student advocates, the stakeholders consistently communicate, motivate, and collaborate. As a committed team, the stakeholders implement school board policy, state laws, and federal laws while treating people with dignity and respect.



We are committed to providing a child-centered, academic environment whereby we empower our students to become involved, responsible, productive learners with solid values and positive self-images.




  • Our school should be a vibrant community of learners where all members are authentically engaged.
  • People are the school’s most valuable resource.
  • A strong culture engages students, teachers, and the community because it creates energy and provides momentum for growth and change.
  • Organizations grow “where the truth is told and the brutal facts are confronted.” (Jim Collins)
  • Punitive cultures stifle creativity.
  • A goal-based school design identifies strategies and tools that can help achieve the established learning objectives.
  • We must be intentional in our thoughts and plans.
  • Each child is important and in a constant state of growth and development.